DO YOU HAVE A BLOOMING ORCHID? Please consider entering your orchid in the Great Divide Orchid Society’s 20th Annual Orchid Show and Sale.  There is no fee to enter and you do not need to be a member of the orchid society to enter or attend.  Everyone and all healthy blooming orchids are welcome.   Your entry enhances the diversity and beauty of the show.  Orchids will be judged by judges trained by the American Orchid Society--the parent organization of the GDOS.

To enter, bring your blooming, pest-free plant to the WingateHotel, 2007 N. Oakes Street, Helena, MT, on Friday, September 20, between 8 AM and 5 PM. 

GDOS Registration and Bug Check:  All Show orchids will pass a “Bug Check” prior to entering show.  If bugs are found, plant will be removed from the show and the exhibitor will be notified. 

Bug Free plants will be registered by placing Registration Tag (including plant’s entire name and exhibitor designation) on a plastic stake, which is then poked into each plant.

Orchids will be categorized on Show Tables by “Alliance or Misc. Genera Class” (A-G) (see below).  Similar species or hybrids will be grouped together.  AOS Judges will make final adjustments before judging.

Class A  - Cattleya Alliance

  • Brassavola

  • Broughtonia

  • Cattleya

  • Encyclia / Epidendrum / Prosthechea

  • Guarianthe

  • Laelia

  • Rhyncholaelia

  • Sophronitis

Class B  -  Cypripedium Alliance

  • Paphiopedilum

  • Phragmipedium

Class C  - Vanda and Phalaenopsis Alliance, Vandaceous / Aerangis /Angraecoids

  • Aerangis

  • Aerides

  • Angraecum

  • Doritis and Phalaenopsis

  • Renanthera

  • Rhynchostylis

  • Vanda

Class D - Oncidium Alliance

  • Brassia

  • Miltonia / Miltoniopsis

  • Odontoglossum

  • Oncidium

  • Tolumnia

Class E  - Cymbidium

Class F  - Dendrobium

  • Nobile, Phalaenopsis, Antelope

Class G - Miscellaneous Genera

  • Bulbophyllum

  • Catasetum / Cycnoches / Mormodes

  • Dracula / Masdevallia

  • Lycaste

  • Maxillaria

  • Pleurothallis

  • Zygopetalum

  • Miniatures

  • None of the Above*

(*Orchids not listed elsewhere)