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Taxonomy and Identification of Orchids

Deceptive Beauties; the world of wild orchids. Christian Ziegler, University of Chicago Press, c2012.

Flora’s Orchids. Ned Nash and Isobyl LaCroix, Timber Press, c2005.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids; over 1100 species illustrated and identified.  Edited by Alec Pridgeon, Timber Press, c. 1992.

Orchids; a Golden Guide, revised ed.  Golden Press, c. 1989

Orchids.   Thomas J.  Sheehan, Smithsonian Institution/ American Orchid Society, c.2001.

Growing Orchids for Beginners

 All about orchids (Ortho).  American Orchid Society, c.1999.

Beginners guide to growing Phalaenopsis Orchids, revised.  Bob Gordon, Laid-Back Publications, c.1994.

Easy Orchids; simple secrets for glorious gardens – indoors and out.  Mimi Luebbermann, Chronicle Books, c. 1996.

Four Seasons of Orchids.  Greg Alikes and Ned Nash, Creative Homeowner, c2007.

Growing Orchids.  James Watson, Series Editor, American Orchid Society, c.2002.

Orchid Growing for Wimps; techniques for the “Wish I could do that” gardener.  Ellen Zachos,  Sterling Publishing, c2002.

DVD:  Orchid Myths; a beginner’s guide to growing orchids by Denise Wilson, c2001.

Orchids for Dummies; a reference for the rest of us.   Steven A.  Frowine, Wiley Publishing, 2004.

Orchids Simplified; an indoor gardening guide.  Henry Jawaorski, Houghton Mifflin, 1992.  2 copies.

You can grow Orchids.  Mary Noble, American Orchid Society, c.1987.

Your first orchid.  Stephen R. Batchelor, American Orchid Society, c.2001.

Growing and Culture of Orchids

 Bloom-again Orchids.  Judy White, Portland Timber Press, c. 2010.

Growing Orchids; the complete practical guide to orchids and their cultivation.  Brian and Wilma Rittershausen, Hermes House, c. 2003.

How to Grow Orchids; a Sunset Book.  Lane Publishing Co. , c. 1977.

Orchid seedling care (with special emphasis on water quality).  Bob Gordon, Laid-Back Publications, c. 1991.

Orchids for Everyone; a practical guide to the home cultivation of over 200 of the world’s most beautiful varieties.  Brian Williams, Gallery Books, c. 1980.

The Orchid Specialist;  the essential guide to selecting, growing, displaying, improving, and maintaining orchids.  David Squire, New Holland Publishers, c.2005.

Orchids; success indoors, outdoors, or in the greenhouse.  John Dunmire, Sunset Books, c. 1999.

Success with Orchids.  Wilma Rittershausen, Smithmark Publishers, c. 1997.

  • Masdevallias

 Intriguing Masdevallias; cool growing orchids.  J. Kelleher, HGH Publications, c1984.

  • Miniature Orchids

Miniature Orchids.  Rebecca Tyson Northen, Van Nostrand Reinhold, c. 1980.

Miniature Orchids and how to grow them.  Rebecca Tyso Northen.  Dover Publications,c. 1996.

  • Phalaenopsis

Culture of the Phalaenopsis Orchid, First revision,1990.  Bob Gordon, Laid-Back Publications, c. 1990.

Phalaenopsis culture:  A worldwide survey.  Bob Gordon, Laid-Back Publications, c.1988.

You can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids, revised edition II.  Mary Noble (McQuerry), McQuerry Orchid Books, c. 1994

  • Sarcochilus

Sarcochilus; species and hybrids – Supplement to Orchids; the Bulletin of the American Orchid Society, August 2011.

Speciality Issues

  • Greenhouses and Lights

Growing orchids under lights.  Charles Marden Fitch, American Orchid Society, c. 2002.

  • Pests and Diseases

Orchid Pests and Diseases.  James B. Watson, Series Ed.  American Orchid Society, c.2002.


 Light meter kit


 Orchid Myths; a beginner’s guide to growing orchids by Denise Wilson, c2001.

 Orchid Myths