There is no fee for showing plants or displaying orchid art for judging. We have a bench show; no individual displays are necessary, but can be accommodated.  Orchid societies or individuals may combine entries in single exhibits. It is recommended that arrangements for display space be completed prior to this Show. 

 Cost for vendors is $100 for one table and $50 for each additional table.  This cost may be waived.  No additional charges will be assessed.  GDOS provides eight-foot tables with black skirting.  All other materials in exhibits are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

The GDOS Show Committee reserves the right to remove entries deemed unsuitable.  Entry of plants and/or art constitutes a release of all liability of the Show Committee for any damage during the show.  The greatest care is given to assure the safety and care of plants and artwork.  Entry also constitutes permission given to the GDOS for use of any photographs or video taken of plans and/or art.  Displays MUST be removed from the show at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.  The Show Committee will not be responsible for any plants or exhibits left after the show closes on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

This is an open show.  Anyone may exhibit in accordance with rules.  Ribbon Judging will be conducted according to the rules stated herein, as interpreted by the Show Chair and Judges.

Blooming orchid plants or cut flowers may be entered.  Cut flowers will be judged with flowering plants of the same Class.

All Plant material exhibited or sold must be clean, presentable; disease and insect free and watered, if necessary, before being displayed.    If the name of the plant is unknown, label the plant “Unknown”.

All entries will be received Friday during the show hours. Setup must be completed before judging begins Saturday.  Orchids that are late will not be judged. 

Plants will be checked for disease or pests before entering the show.  If any plant is found with pests or a disease that plant will be removed from the Show and Sale area.  The exhibitor is responsible for the care of orchids not accepted to exhibit in the show.  

Newly imported, un-established, and indigenous plants are discouraged in exhibits. 

No plant may be entered in more than one class.

Exhibitors receive an entry tag (provided at registration) for each plant or cut flower.

Any healthy foliage plant may be used in exhibits, but orchids are the only blooms permitted in the show.  There may be a separate exotic classification for interesting non-orchids.

No plant or bloom may be removed before 2:00 p.m. Sunday.  Plants and displays must be removed when the show closes Sunday.

The Great Divide Orchid Society will exercise reasonable precautions in the care of the Exhibitor’s materials, but neither the Society nor the venue provider shall be held liable for loss or damage to plants, flowers, or any portion of the exhibits, or sales displays.

The Great Divide Orchid Society reserves the right to refuse exhibits or displays found to be inappropriate or distasteful.



All plants will be checked for bugs and disease before entering the show.  If bugs or disease are found, plant may not enter the show area.

An entry tag will be provided for each bug-free orchid.  When you sign the Exhibitor List, a letter designation will identify you, and your entry will be anonymous. 


Anyone may exhibit by advance request for exhibition and sales space from the show committee.

The show committee will have complete authority of the sales area.  Space for commercial sales is offered by invitation only.

Orchids, orchid art and products used in orchid culture may be sold.  Non orchids items may be sold if requested and approved by the show committee.

The GDOS will not be responsible for mislabeled plants or switched tags.  Please be sure your tags are secured.

Vendors are encouraged to also have a display in the show area.  Vendors will do all of their own selling and handling of money.


This will be an American Orchid Society judged show.

At their discretion, judges may:

a.              disqualify or reclassify plants or blooms entered in the wrong class;

b.              subdivide or add any class as needed;

c.              award duplicate ribbons within any classification;

d.              withhold any ribbon or award.

Decisions of the judges and rulings of the judging chairperson shall be final.

All orchids entered in the show will be considered for AOS judging and society awarded ribbons unless otherwise noted.  Exhibitor is responsible for paying the cost for processing any award received.  A label stating: “Not for AOS Judging” should be displayed on any orchid that is not to be considered for AOS judging. 

Judges may disqualify or reclassify plants or flowers entered in the wrong class, at their discretion.